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Posted by info On 2021-05-10 (5159 reads)
We head you and we're back new concept, new tastes,same old Quickly.
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Posted by info On 2017-06-30 (14179 reads)
Quickly Group 台灣快可立企業有限公司(總公司)最新公告:本公司與Sweet Paradise Inc. 間合約於日前已終止,雙方間已無任何商業關係存在,本公司亦已通知Sweet Paradise Inc 停止使用本公司之商標,且不得以本公司之名義進行任何商業或銷售活動,本公司於加拿大新的正式網站為http://quicklygroup.ca/,特此公告。Quickly Group Taiwan office office here here announce the termination of the business relationship and contract between Quickly Group and Sweet Paradise Inc. We've informed Sweet Paradise Inc. stop using Quickly's trademark, and not allow Sweet Paradise Inc practice business on behalf of Quickly Group. Please contact us with our update official Canada website http://quicklygroup.ca/, thank you.

 Posted by info On 2016-08-10 (4726 reads)
Quickly GZ China opening !!

 Posted by info On 2016-08-10 (6252 reads)
Guangzhou China New Store Opening!

Posted by info On 2014-03-19 (37901 reads)
When a Quickly store is being seen by you, established on a foreign land, you could be proud and say : this is made in Taiwan.

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